As a society, we tend to focus on what we can see, tangible facts and measurable ratios of probability based off of collective patterns. Art, Dreams, Meditation & Mindfulness disrupt our conscious acceptance of this one-size fits all experience.

When a disruption happens, we have an option. We can tap into our curious nature and ask questions, or we can hold fear and refuse to see more. As a person who has used creative expression since childhood as a way of processing unknown emotions, I can say fully that curiosity opens more doors than it closes.

I may have not been aware of it in the past, but I’ve always used creativity, design, ritual and symbolism to better understand my “inner voice”, secret emotions, and divine connections. Mindfulness has been an important part of my life even before I began to do the work I do now and way before I even knew that mindfulness was a word.

One aspect of inner knowing that I constantly practice is the cultivation of awareness and understanding of symbolism. In dreams and waking life, we are constantly seeing and using symbols as an extension of our present comprehension. Symbols are mental cues with assigned meaning. These can be visual, auditory, even olfactory and it is up to you to associate its meaning and purpose in your life in the present. Some symbols are “common” and have already received assigned meaning. I think it is great when someone else has a definition and I am able to see if it aligns with my experience. Often times, it does… and that blows my mind. How beautiful that humanity has the potential to share a subconscious? How amazing that our consciousness can expand through the self and effectively to those around us?

Today, I recognize that the creative principles I worked with from childhood can be used to in my present to deepen awareness and receptivity to messages that occur as I live, play, work and DREAM. It has been a wild ride ever since I began to apply my creative rituals to my sleep and dream world.

There are a few practices that help me go deeper into my intuitive world that I would like to share with you.

  1. A Solid Meditation Practice

I feel very strongly about creating and sticking to a meditation practice. I will talk about changing perspectives to create a more enjoyable meditation experience next time. But until then, please stop approaching it as trying to let go or quiet down the mind and instead, try thinking about this: Each breath allows you to connect deeper with you heart and teach you how to detach from your brain.

I’m curious… do you engage in your dreams? Do you understand the power of symbols?